, a phone app, offers children easy access to adult content, and The Halcyon Movement is demanding do more to protect the very young children that use their app. Since launching this campaign I’ve been asked several questions about where the responsibility lies, and what the point is. Here’s a few of the common questions, and my answers:

1. Why are you so up in arms over Don’t lots of apps and websites, like Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube, have porn on them if you look for it?

Yes, other social media apps do contain adult content, but the key phrase is “if you look for it.” On, your kids don’t have to be looking for it for it – it finds them.

“Annie,” the 12-year old who brought this issue to our attention, happened upon a video of a man having sex with what looked like a 15-year old girl after clicking on a friend’s “likes.” When her mom investigated, she found graphic sexual content involving kids as young as 9 or 10.

While doing my own investigation I also ran into what I believe is child pornography. The mother and I have reported the offensive and criminal profiles to an FBI contact the mother is working with.

According to Annie’s mother, “the hashtags linked to the most disturbing videos of prepubescent children engaging in sexually explicit conduct are sometimes completely innocuous words like ‘girl,’ ‘dance,’ ‘hard,’ ‘snapchat,’ or ‘kik.’”

“Your children can type in these words and these videos can pop up. They don’t just have to type in ‘dirty’ words … Most parents don’t think their kids, especially the young ones, would ever type in these dirty words so, ‘whew! We are safe!’ No, they are not. I could even type in half of a dirty word, or misspelled words, and up pops videos of what I was typing, even though I had misspelled it or only typed part of the word.”

I use YouTube and Instagram, and I have never run into problems like this — either pornographic content or what looks like child pornography, so while other apps might be offensive they are not nearly as graphic as

2. Isn’t this more the parent’s fault for not monitoring their children’s activities than it is’s?

Parents should absolutely be aware and involved in their kid’s online activities.  But is responsible for monitoring the content on their app, and not warning users ahead of time, especially given their extremely young user base.

Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube have all gotten much better about monitoring and removing adult content. 

“Parents should know how easy it is for their kids to stumble onto hardcore pornography in the app,” Annie’s mother told us.

If isn’t going to do a good job of monitoring their content, they need to warn parents that the app contains adult content. Currently, the app is rated for teens 12+, and says it contains “infrequent/mild” mature, suggestive themes, sexual content, and nudity (the Android app doesn’t even have this warning). But we’ve found far worse, including what seems to be child pornography. 

“Parents don’t realize just how vile the videos are, and how young the victims on both sides are….” Annie’s mother told us. “This is so graphic. I can’t stress enough how vile this trap being set for our kids is.” is also to blame for their shamefully inadequate response to parents’ concerns. When Annie’s mother contacted them about the sex videos involving the 15 year old, this was their response: “Sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

They also said the account and it’s content had been removed, but when Annie’s mother checked several hours later, it was still there.

3. The app store says it’s for teens 12+. Should we really be that surprised, or concerned?

Again, if they’re not going to monitor their content, at least owes parents an accurate rating. And there’s no excuse for allowing child pornography. That’s not just an “inconvenience,” it’s criminal.

4. What should do differently?

First, should delete all pornographic and adult content immediately.

Second, should actually delete inappropriate content. They say they will do so within 15 minutes, but there are several reports — including from Annie’s mother — that this is not the case.

If doesn’t delete all the adult content immediately, they need to change their app rating to prevent more children from being exposed to the existing pornographic content.

5. What can I do? (besides deleting the app from my kid’s phone)?

Write a review of the app in the Google Play Store or the App Store to warn others by letting other users know that there is adult content. 

Share and get your family and friends involved. The more people that take action the better chance we have of committing to keep kids safe.

And lastly, talk to your kids about safety online. Let them know that age limits on apps are there for a reason. If they see something that is confusing, scary, or disturbing, they can, and should, come talk to you about it right away.

I got a text from a friend yesterday morning that sickened me.

His wife had discovered that—an app one her children often use to find funny videos—is being exploited to feed kids pornographic content. Luckily, none of her kids saw the porn videos, but others did.

And what they saw was horrific. Life-altering.

I started digging. The first thing I realized was how young the users were: it looked like around 10 to 13 years old. The second thing I realized was that the app was pretty cool. I get why kids would like this . . . and kids do like

But I soon realized that once you dig beyond the surface layers of the app you find a very creepy world of nudity, sex videos, and even — as one mother told me — child pornography.

I talked to this mother last night via email, and found out that her 12-year old daughter, “Annie” — who has a private account with filters set — clicked on something a friend liked, and up popped a video showing a male having sex with a girl who looked to be around 15 years old (according to the mother’s estimation). Sickened, the mother started to explore to see what the app was all about, and she found videos of girls she said might be 9 or 10 years old engaging in sexually graphic actions.

She immediately contacted authorities.

She also contacted, who responded with a “Sorry for the inconvenience” type response, and promised to remove the account and all of the videos.

Several hours later, however, the account remained with several pornographic videos still attached.

Annie said she was having trouble getting the images out of her head.

Pro tip for This is innocence lost, and that is not just an “inconvenience” . . . it is criminal.

“Do not walk away from the fight . . . War is being waged on our kids.”

I asked the mother if there was something she wanted to share, and she said this:

“Do not walk away from the fight. War is being waged on our kids and on us as parents. The temptation is to be jaded (“this is life, we can’t keep our kids in a bubble forever”), overwhelmed (feeling like we are drowning already with everything else in life, this giant is too big to tackle), to avoid conflict with our kids (“she’s a smart girl, she knows better, and I don’t want to fight about something else”) . . .

“Say no to that temptation. FIGHT for every ounce of purity and innocence your kid has left. They are watching us, taking notes on what to care about, what’s valuable. They have to see that we believe they are valuable enough for us to meet danger head on, engage, and never, ever stop. Because we want our kids to fight, too, we have to model how to do this for our kids.”

Our kids are watching us, and we set the tone for what the future will look like.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Children

Take action right now. Our kids are worth protecting. They are worth the fight, and they will “see that we believe they are valuable enough for us to meet danger head on!”

Here are two more things you can do to help protect children:

Write A Review to Warn Others

Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and write a review of the app letting other users know that there is adult content. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook to let us know you did it. #ProtestMusic

Share to Alert Family & Friends

Share and get your family and friends involved. The more people that take action the better chance we have of committing to keep kids safe.


I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sick of election stuff. Even writing this article is troubling for me, but the election is important, so here it goes.

First, Halcyon will not suggest who you should vote for. We are a 501(c)3 organization, and don’t promote candidates. Second, we are not a political organization, so even if we could we probably wouldn’t comment — Halcyon is neither “right” nor “left.” Third, you are a human being, so you get to make decisions for yourself.

All we want to do is offer some considerations before you cast your vote:

1. Faith is more important than politics.

I love those “separation of church and state” folks. They’re cute. But they don’t get it. I am not an American who happens to be Christian. I am a Christian who happens to live in America. As such, I would encourage you not to look at your faith through the lens of politics; rather look at your politics through the lens of your faith. Christ is bigger than politics . . . bigger than America . . . bigger than, well, any possible thing. So, if you want to build a better world it is best to work with the solution, which is your faith not your political affiliation. 

2. Culture change doesn’t start with the next president.

I am not saying that the next president won’t have any influence on culture, but it is important to remember that the candidates (and all of their many, many flaws) did not create the culture — they are products of it. If you want better leaders, then take charge and create the society that produces better leaders (see You Are The Leader You’ve Been Looking For). Culture change is about playing the long game, and so we need to look beyond Tuesday and start thinking about how we are going shape our culture instead of ceding culture over to elected officials. If you want the world to change, then you are going to have to change it.

3. Voting prolife doesn’t make you a “one issue” voter; it makes you a decent human being.

Lives are at stake and we need to call a spade a spade, or in this context, a baby a baby. If we do not have a culture that understands the value of all human life, then we will never have a proper understanding of human dignity. It is paramount that our elected leaders have a proper understanding of human dignity, and therefore voting prolife is bigger than abortion; it sets the tone for the world we want to live in: a world where the family is our foundation and all human life is valuable.

4. Don’t be a jerk.

OK, this really has to do with what happens after you vote, but no matter what goes down on Tuesday, we are all in the same difficult, complex predicament — and none of the candidates are going to solve that. We need to start figuring out how to work together, or this thing isn’t going to work. A lot of this whole conundrum feels out of our control, but each of us can control how we treat others. So, don’t set Facebook ablaze if things don’t work out (go for it on Twitter . . . there is no preventing that), and instead let’s get to work on building a better world, because . . .  

5. The world is not going to end.

Every election feels like if my candidate doesn’t win the world as we know it will fall apart. It won’t. God was, is, and will be in control. That is not some sort of cheesy Christian cliche — that is truth. 

So, no matter what happens on Tuesday, The Halcyon Movement is full of hope, and will be right here with you on Wednesday ready to change the world. We know that things have to change, and we want you to join us on this journey to create a better world rooted in faith and the family.

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