The Consequences of Porn Consumption

While porn parades itself as an escape from reality, the reality is for both male and female porn consumers that the benefits of escaping are short-lived and followed by significant consequences such as mental health issues.

  • Studies show that porn consumption correlates with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, and insecurity. 
  • Even moderate porn consumption is shown to result in shrunken grey matter in parts of the brain that oversee cognitive function.
  • Porn consumption can leave consumers unsatisfied with sex in real life, as they’ve come to expect fantastical encounters like what they’ve seen onscreen.

Men, after exposure to pornography, report being less satisfied with their partners’ physical appearance and sexual performance. They also report having an increased desire for sex without emotional commitment.

Not to mention, there’s overarching, societal effects of widespread porn addiction and consumption of pornography that exist on a global scale, including: 

  • Increased negative attitude toward women
  • Decreased empathy toward victims of sexual violence
  • Increase in sexually imposing behavior
  • Increased levels of behavioral aggression, violent sexual fantasies, and assault

These effects can all be linked to porn consumption, regardless of whether the porn itself is violent or nonviolent. 

Moreover, globally, porn consumption has been attributed with significantly fueling the sex trafficking industry. 

The campaign

Recognizing the serious mental health risks posed by frequent porn consumption, as well as porn’s dangerous societal influence, Halcyon launched a campaign to raise awareness about the negative realities brought on by porn consumption and provide a number of accessible online resources for people to get help, whether for themselves or someone else.

The goal: to get people to reconsider their own habits when it comes to porn and quit. Simply put, “Quit Porn, Be Happy.” 

To achieve this goal, we created a mini site to present the most scientifically compelling reasons to quit porn. In order words, we gave them the facts.

We then provided three paths to resources for users to seek help or join the movement:

  1. I need help. 
  2. Someone I know needs help.
  3. I want to spread the word.

The results

The campaign was an encouraging success. 

49.97% of users who reviewed our facts about porn addiction ended up visiting the “I need help” resources to help them kick their porn addictions. 

In other words, almost 50% of users who accessed the site sought help with their addictions. 

The best part, the cost of getting someone to our landing page was only $0.32. The cost of getting someone to click one of our help resources was only $0.64. Yup, that’s what it costs to potentially provide someone a path to free themselves from porn addiction.

If you ask us, that’s a worthwhile investment indeed.

If you would like to support this effort, consider a donation and we’ll put those funds to work!

Also, if you’d like to learn more about porn addiction or get your hands on resources to help people quit, we recommend checking out: https://fightthenewdrug.org/


The use of porn in the world has skyrocketed. To give you just a few statistics on current porn usage:

  • 1 out of 4 site searches online are for porn
  • Almost 40% of downloads are related to sex
  • 1 in 3 porn users are women
  • Sunday is the most popular day for viewing porn

This is just a snapshot. There are so many alarming stats related to porn that it is mind blowing! 

Halcyon and the people who stand with the movement have launched a campaign to help those in need. What we have found is that there are 3 primary categories of people we can best serve: 

  1. An individual who is searching for porn.
  2. An individual searching for help with porn. 
  3. An individual searching for help with porn for a loved one.

When a person is searching for any one of these three subjects, Halcyon directs them to what we believe are the best resources around to help them. 

Science tells us that porn is a major contributor to the rise of erectile dysfunction, mental health issues, relationship problems and what it means to truly love and be loved.

How can you help? Easy, just make a donation to us and we will direct the funds to our advertising budget so we can reach even more people in need.

It’s that simple. More money means more people reached. So, please give generously.

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Halcyon’s inception was in 2015 with the goal of culture change. We simply want what you want, and that’s a better life for our children and their children. We believe that together we can build a moral and virtues society. 

Our Impact

Using our talent with digital platforms thousands of people have been educated on moral truth and we have inspired virtuous citizens to take action.

With your help Halcyon has worked to:

  • Protect victims’ rights
  • Provide resources to pregnant women in need
  • Direct resources to people with porn addiction
  • Convert Planned Parenthood supporters
  • Attacking applications serving unwanted porn to children

This has all happened because amazing people like you have dedicated themselves to this movement. 

Halcyon is a 501c3 and runs completely on your tax-deductible donations.

With your help we will build the common good and change the lives of many!

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Halcyon Defends Victims’ Rights

On November 3, 1981, Anthony Fiorella – and 3 other men – kidnapped 22-year-old Michael and led him into the wilderness of the Colorado Rockies. While pleading for his life, they proceeded to slash and stab Michael’s back, throat, eyes, legs, ears, and feet. All in all, they stabbed Michael over 65 times.

Despite his wounds, Michael refused to die. And that is when his killers crushed his skull with their boots, ending his life. They left his body to be eaten by the wild animals while bragging about what they had just done. Anthony Fiorella was arrested and confessed to the First-Degree Murder of Michael. Fiorella agreed to serve a Life Sentence if Michaels family agreed to save his life and take the death penalty off the table. Michael’s family agreed.

But in July of this year, Anthony Fiorella was up for parole and fought to get it. Halcyon believes that Michael’s family and all other victims have rights and deserve peace.

Halcyon launched a massive campaign to protect the rights of Michael’s family and honor Michael. Making sure that Anthony Fiorella would never have another opportunity to kill again and so bring some measure of peace to Michael’s family 

This campaign was strongly supported. It reached 10’s of thousands of people. 

Thousands signed the petition to deny parole. 

Thousands of people wrote personal letters to the parole board. 

This is what Halcyon does. We champion those seeking justice and truth

Join us in campioning future causes and together we will build-up a better world 

Every donation made increases the reach and impact of our work. Donate now.