Halcyon Defends Victims’ Rights

On November 3, 1981, Anthony Fiorella – and 3 other men – kidnapped 22-year-old Michael and led him into the wilderness of the Colorado Rockies. While pleading for his life, they proceeded to slash and stab Michael’s back, throat, eyes, legs, ears, and feet. All in all, they stabbed Michael over 65 times.

Despite his wounds, Michael refused to die. And that is when his killers crushed his skull with their boots, ending his life. They left his body to be eaten by the wild animals while bragging about what they had just done. Anthony Fiorella was arrested and confessed to the First-Degree Murder of Michael. Fiorella agreed to serve a Life Sentence if Michaels family agreed to save his life and take the death penalty off the table. Michael’s family agreed.

But in July of this year, Anthony Fiorella was up for parole and fought to get it. Halcyon believes that Michael’s family and all other victims have rights and deserve peace.

Halcyon launched a massive campaign to protect the rights of Michael’s family and honor Michael. Making sure that Anthony Fiorella would never have another opportunity to kill again and so bring some measure of peace to Michael’s family 

This campaign was strongly supported. It reached 10’s of thousands of people. 

Thousands signed the petition to deny parole. 

Thousands of people wrote personal letters to the parole board. 

This is what Halcyon does. We champion those seeking justice and truth

Join us in campioning future causes and together we will build-up a better world 

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