Halcyon’s inception was in 2015 with the goal of culture change. We simply want what you want, and that’s a better life for our children and their children. We believe that together we can build a moral and virtues society. 

Our Impact

Using our talent with digital platforms thousands of people have been educated on moral truth and we have inspired virtuous citizens to take action.

With your help Halcyon has worked to:

  • Protect victims’ rights
  • Provide resources to pregnant women in need
  • Direct resources to people with porn addiction
  • Convert Planned Parenthood supporters
  • Attacking applications serving unwanted porn to children

This has all happened because amazing people like you have dedicated themselves to this movement. 

Halcyon is a 501c3 and runs completely on your tax-deductible donations.

With your help we will build the common good and change the lives of many!

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