Pro Life Movement

This was a big election for those of us in the pro-life movement. Legislatively speaking, the pro-life movement is in a better position than it has been in years. We have a very good chance of passing pro-life legislation, and will hopefully fill SCOTUS seats with pro-life judges. And most significantly, the number of abortions committed is down this year to its lowest levels since 1971.

So, why not just let the politicians do their thing and further the pro-life cause?

Regardless of what happens legally over the next four years, abortion is an issue of the heart, and morality cannot be legislated. We cannot rely on politicians and judges to create a culture of life. We must keep pushing to shift our culture.

Now please don’t misunderstand me, fighting abortion through the courts and legislation is a necessary thing and I’m glad that there are people carrying that burden. But, while we’re making progress, it’s not enough. Ordinary people like you and I have a place in this movement, and it’s not just in the voting booths. We need to be in our communities changing hearts and minds.

Abortion is an issue of valuing one’s life over another’s life. That’s an issue of the spirit first and foremost. We must keep working outside of the courts and legislature to address the root of the problem. We must keep teaching and living that every life is precious. We need to continue reaching women who may be considering abortions and supporting them. We must put our resources where our mouths are and volunteer, donate, and support organizations that work to care for mothers and babies in these incredibly difficult circumstances.

Even though legislatively things are looking positive for the pro-life movement right now, we cannot allow ourselves to quit fighting for life. Legislation is not the magic fix. Building a better, more moral culture that protects and promotes the value of life is the fix.