I was looking through Reddit on my phone and I came across r/100 years ago, which reports on things that happened this day — whatever day it is — 100 years ago. I decided to Google “What happened in 1916?,” and found that, unsurprisingly, the world looked very different than it does today. But one thing caught my eye: on October 16, 1916 (almost 100 years ago to the day), Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic, which would eventually become the catalyst for Planned Parenthood.

Let’s pick this event apart for a second, since we have hindsight. Based on her statements we know that Margaret Sanger wanted to rid the world of the “weak” via birth control. In 1920, she stated, “birth control is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit [and] of preventing the birth of defectives.” OK, any person that has even the most mild respect for human dignity can recognize that there is something seriously wrong with Sanger’s position. We also know that Planned Parenthood — an evolution from Sanger’s birth control clinic “dream” — would eventually become the largest abortion provider in America, helping to end the lives of almost 60 million innocent unborn children.

So, take note of this: 100 years ago the starting line was “Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic” and it became “60 million dead children.”

What is happening now, even if it seems small, can have enormous consequences, and we have to pay attention to our “starting line.” Our generation is shaping the future, but “shaping” isn’t an ambiguous word; it has consequences. It means something. So, how are we shaping the morality of our society? Here are our “starting line” stats:

We are the least religious generation in the history of the United States;

The majority of us support abortion and the deconstruction of the family paradigm; and

75% of our generation aren’t all that concerned with threats to religious freedom.

So, if this is our “starting line” what is 100 more years of moral de-evolution going to get us? The last 100 years — as pointed out in the one example — cost us 60 million lives, and I would be bold enough to say that “opening up a birth control clinic” is an objectively more insignificant starting line than “the least religious generation in history.”

The argument against what I am saying is really the point: “But things will happen that will make our world better.” Well, yes, but things don’t just happen.

You have to make things happen.

And this is precisely why Halcyon exists. We are making things happen, and empowering our generation to make things happen, so that we don’t look back 100 years from now and see the genesis of destruction, hate, and chaos, but a moment where the family was recognized as the foundation of society, the moment all human life has value no matter the stage, and the moment our society turned away from relativity and towards moral truth.

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