When all your friends are spending Saturday together but you have to go to work, you’re probably going to experience FOMO. What’s that? 

FOMO is an acronym for “the fear of missing out” and, even more importantly, a kind of social anxiety.

While it’s true that FOMO is especially common among young people, people of all ages can experience FOMO, which can cause anxiety, frustration, and inability to focus.

What it really comes down to is how you feel about the things that fill your schedule. 

People who see the majority of their activities as obligations, such as studying or working, are more likely to experience a higher level of FOMO.

The reality is you simply can’t be everywhere at once! But, it’s easy to wish you could be. Because what if people are having fun without you? What if what other people are doing is more interesting than what you’re doing? 

Are you missing out?

Maybe! But, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Halcyon’s next campaign will dive into the causes and effects of FOMO, and demonstrate how gratitude can serve as the cure to this self-destructive way of thinking.

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