How do you know if you’re bored? 

Boredom is different from laziness, although it might look similar on the outside. It’s not that bored people don’t want to do anything; it’s just that nothing excites or interests them. 

Boredom is characterized by an empty feeling. It usually brings with it a limited attention span and a sense of apathy. If you’re feeling bored, you might also feel tired, anxious, or restless. You could also feel depressed. But, why? What makes boredom happen?

Lack of sleep

Inadequate rest can contribute to feelings of boredom. Remember, sleep is good for you! The National Sleep Foundation advises that healthy adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Poor nutrition 

A healthy diet makes for a healthy mind! Sugary foods, white bread, baked goods, high caffeine drinks, and heavily processed foods are known to increase feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.

Need for variety

Too much repetition of the same activity or activities can make day-to-day life monotonous, especially for those who have a strong need for excitement. Things that are predictable and repetitive become boring, and can contribute to feeling “trapped” in a routine.

Lack of diversified recreational activities

This goes along with a need for variety. Some monotony can’t be helped, like waiting in line or being stuck in traffic. That said, if you’ve pigeonholed yourself into just a few recreational activities, you might feel bored in your free time too.

Hard time paying attention

Boredom is connected to problems with attention. It’s easy to be bored with something when you cannot concentrate on it. People with chronic attention problems, like ADHD, have high tendencies for boredom.

To say it again, boredom that lasts for long periods of time or occurs often might be a sign of depression. If this describes you or someone you know, consider getting a doctor’s opinion to see if you’re “just bored” or dealing with something bigger.

Now that we have explored a few reasons why you might be bored, stay tuned to our channels for our next blog on how to overcome boredom.