What’re the keys to happiness? Humility, for one.

How? Think of it this way. People who are proud have unreasonably high standards, this brings with it a tendency to be greedy for bigger and better things. This means that they’re more likely to be dissatisfied with what they have. 

Yet, it can be challenging to express humility, especially when the world places such high value on external accomplishments and appearance. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

3 ways to cultivate humility

  1. Embrace your humanity. When you make a mistake or fall short of a particular goal, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It just means that you’re human, like everyone else! 
  2. Practice self-compassion. Humility requires that you notice and accept your weaknesses. Rather than feeling down about your weaknesses, approach them with kindness and understanding. Everyone has weaknesses! Recognizing your limits in a self-compassionate manner is healthy.
  3. Say “thank you.” When you say “thank you” you’re recognizing the gifts that come into your life and, as a result, acknowledging the value of other people. This guides your focus away from the self and toward others.

Humility positions you to appreciate life’s little happinesses because you’re not always so caught up in wanting more. 

Humility can also improve your relationships. To put it plainly, people are more likely to want to hang out with someone who’s humble than someone who is pushy and self-seeking.

What’s more, humility opens the door to gratitude. Research shows that gratitude and happiness are strongly correlated. But, it’s impossible to practice gratitude if you lack humility. People who are proud are unable to truly express gratitude because a proud outlook suggests that you deserve everything you have.

Happiness comes from life satisfaction as well as moments of enjoyment and appreciation. And when you take the time to practice gratitude, you’re taking the time to appreciate what you have! So, it makes sense that gratitude and happiness go hand-in-hand.

3 ways you can focus gratitude

  1. Past. What about your past are you grateful for? What are some cherished childhood memories? Who’s an old friend you’re thankful you met?
  2. Present. What are you grateful for in your life right now? What’s the highlight of your routine? Who makes you smile?
  3. Future. What things coming up are you grateful for? What in the future are you hopeful and optimistic about?

While there are different causes of happiness, humility and gratitude are sure ways to bring about more happiness, as they prevent us from taking anything for granted. (Because, when you take stuff for granted, you become blind to the happiness you do have.)

If you take the time to notice the good things in life, you’ll feel happier. It’s that simple!