The Halcyon Movement is a U.S. based non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting morality and virtue in society.

Our Mission

to leverage digital platforms to educate people on moral truths, inspire a virtuous civilization and build the common good.

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Our Gameplan

It's simple enough. We believe humanity already has a recipe for building a moral and virtuous society,

the challenge is it is being disrupted by prolific messaging rooted in harmful ideologies and ignorance.

So, we invest in tools and strategies that enable our message of hope to transcend the noise and reach people’s hearts and minds.

Here are some of our favourite tools and strategies:

  • Campaigns

    We craft engaging campaigns for social media and email with the best designers and strategists in the business.

  • Keywords

    Search engines like Google are where most people bring their questions today, so we craft keyword strategies to help ‘seekers’ find the answers they’re looking for.

  • Influencers

    We work with our allies to identify Influencers or moral champions that are aligned with our vision and then we explore ways to amplify and optimize their messaging to grow their audience.

Our Motives

Our Motives

They aren’t complicated. We want a better world today for our children and an even better one for their children.

Powerful forces in our society are aggressively pushing a destructive agenda of moral relativism that undermines families and civilization.

The Halcyon Movement exists to rally the good-hearted who wish to protect the moral foundation of civilization and promote authentic human flourishing.


Featured Campaigns

  • Campaign Launch: Stop Trying to Influence How I Think

    There are companies out there that boast holding over 3,000 data points on people like you. Data points like: Home address Date of birth Marital status Sexual...

  • Campaign Report: Standing Against Abortion

    President Biden and the Pope can’t seem to agree on abortion. While Biden is vocal about his pro-choice beliefs, the Pope has likened getting an abortion to “hiring a hitman”. When two of...

  • Campaign Report: Take a Stand for the Truth

    Earlier this year, ABC’s "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg said the Holocaust was "not about race" and was simply a conflict between “two white groups of people”. “The View” has a...

We Are Recruiting

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