“Cultural transformation is coming, and we call it The Halcyon Movement”

Our Vision at Halcyon is a good and just society that promotes faith and the family. Our Mission is not just to reach Millennials, but to activate them to build a good and just society through values­-based content, campaigns, and social change. Halcyon is the bridge that connects the Millennial worldview to foundational core values: The search for external truth, the hope in something greater than ourselves, the concept that what is good and just is not just for me, but something that is good and just for all.

The Halcyon Movement will change the world through

Our content sets us apart. To reach our generation, we have to communicate in a new way. We call this new communication values-based content, which focuses on intrinsic values; on people, narrative, and emotion instead of laws and facts; on values instead of rules; and on personal connection instead of talking points. Where other organizations might hamstring themselves through specific lexicons, theological fears, or donor-established guidelines, the Halcyon culture doesn’t allow for these constraints. Our content philosophy offers no restrictions other than integrity and quality: We write the truth, and we write it well.
All of our blogs and social media efforts are built to communicate a hopeful vision for the future; to frame how the world should look and why. The campaigns will be built out as a call-to-action that applies the framing to real, practical decisions that move our world closer to a good and just society.

“The proper leveraging of technology for social movements must connect the common person to the movement through proper framing and real, practical action. In today’s society, change doesn’t happen in the streets. Change doesn’t happen online. Change can only happen when engaged in both environments, which is why The Halcyon Movement is built on the paradigm of values-based content (framing the future) and campaigns (real, practical action).” — Building Social Movements for Millennials, Joshua Tijerina, CEO of The Halcyon Movement.

As such, campaigns are not meant to be built solely on the concept of hashtag activism. A campaign’s purpose is to facilitate real life action, and Halcyon is to be the conductor and nexus between the digital framing and the campaigns (“connecting truth to action for social good”).

Campaigns exist to create real action, and real action changes things.

The campaigns are more than they appear to be. Each campaign, on its face, is an action item that strategically moves the movement forward. This is, however, only a part of the movement infrastructure. For instance, in identifying advocates — along with demographic and contact information — Halcyon can start organizing a grassroots element to the movement. Advocates will be deputized and receive resources in order to build a local Halcyon chapter. Moreover, advocates will be connected with influencers in their area in order to help to build the local movement. We call this Halcyon Local.

The value to act both immediately and locally offers an organizational effort that is not currently available. For instance, there is great power in the ability to react to a Planned Parenthood being built in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Halcyon Local is on the ground with information and action. The Halcyon Marketing team can begin an assault via media and digital — working with Halcyon Local to gather details, images, and content. Moreover, Halcyon will connect Halcyon Local to content talent in the area to facilitate greater reach. Halcyon Local can prepare protests and vigils — having already connected with local alliance partners and churches.

Halcyon is being built to change the world. Period. This is not a rally for the young conservatives club. This is a real social movement meant to facilitate true and substantial social change. Every element working together — Marketing, Development, Data, Local, and Campaigns — as part of an orchestrated plan to build a good and just society.

Without The Halcyon Movement there is a void in content that actively engages Millennials on moral values; there are no campaigns that energize Millennials to take action for good, and there is not a local infrastructure upon which we can build a better world.

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