God promises us hope. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a plan, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

At The Halcyon Movement, we love this scripture! A hopeful future is what we are all about. But even with this promise of hope it is easy to be overwhelmed by how much is against us.

  • A study conducted by The Halcyon Movement showed that pro-abortion groups were outspending pro-life groups in nearly all areas (advocacy, education, healthcare, etc.), and they were substantially more funded — even though people are nearly split on the issue;
  • Recent polls show that the United States is becoming less religious;
  • The largest generation, Millennials, who will build our future are pro-abortion, anti-marriage, and over 75% are not concerned about threats to religious freedom — due to the fact they are the least religious generation in the history of the United States; and
  • Social hostility towards religion is rising.

These are examples of why you need to act now to work with Halcyon to build a better, more moral world.

Because the best way to stop feeling overwhelmed is to change things!

Halcyon is giving you an opportunity to be an instrument of hope in a society that — as we see above — desperately needs it. One of the most tangible ways that you can make a difference is to join The Halcyon Movement through financial support.

Your financial support will:

  • Allow Halcyon to engage more people on the issues of faith and family (every dollar you give means we reach literally thousands more!);
  • Help launch campaigns, like our campaign demanding Musical.ly protect your children, that inform, engage, and activate people to create real change; and
  • Fund culture change efforts in strategic areas in order to create greater impact.

The Halcyon Movement is already making a difference, reaching hundreds of thousands of people, and a following that is nearly 90% Millennial, which means Halcyon is helping to shape the future!

Please prayerfully consider a generous gift today, and join THE movement that stands for faith and family.