Halcyon’s content is purposeful, and every word is connected to our mission of building a moral world.

Halcyon Media

We all rely on the news to give us information — but information is not all we get. The news constructs our worldview. This makes it one of the most powerful mediums available.  So, The Halcyon Movement launched Halcyon Media — a news site built to create a worldview that not only connects people together, but does so through a moral lens.

The vision for Halcyon Media is to change the world one story at a time. Instead of seeing the news as just information delivery, Halcyon sees each news article as part of a much larger story; a story arc for the world’s narrative, and it is through this narrative that Halcyon can guide people and create change.

Digital Content

Through social media, videos, and blogging, Halcyon has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people, including the younger generations that are building the future. For instance, on Medium — a social platform with the highest percentage of Millennials — Halcyon generated more traffic in 24-hours than the ACLU generated in an entire year! (Which is great, cause, you know, the ACLU is lame.)

Our content sets us apart. We call it strategic and purposeful, because it is engineered to reach out beyond those that agree, and change hearts and minds. We call this strategic communication values-based content, which focuses on people, narrative, and emotion instead of laws and facts; on values instead of rules; and on personal connection instead of talking points.

Never before have we seen truth and morality under attack like now!

With your support, Halcyon can reach more people and connect them to the foundational values our world so desperately needs: values rooted in faith and the family.

Every dollar you give means 1 more person that Halcyon is able to reach on the value of human life, the importance of the natural family as the foundation of our society, the need for a worldview rooted in faith and morality, and to protect and promote the good of our Christian faith freely lived out.

“All reality hinges on moral foundations.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Halcyon Movement uniquely seeks to engage and change culture in order to ensure that moral foundations are once again the cornerstone of our society.

Your support will mean that more people are reached, more minds are changed, and more people are activated to build a better, more moral world!