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Christianity is in decline in America. 

This isn’t just a comment on our country’s morality, but a statistical fact. There are many reasons that this is true: the media, celebrity, the sexual revolution, secular education and educators, legal and political challenges to Christian practice (like prayer and conscience), abortion, and social practices and policies that hurt the natural family. Whatever the reasons it doesn’t change our faith.

Our faith is not dependent upon popularity. 

Our Christian response to the current decline cannot be to give up. As Albert Mohler has stated, “our first concern must be to see that the Gospel is preached as Good News to the perishing — including all those in post-Christian America.”

Our Christian faith is actionable. Our faith is not meant to be locked away in our homes and churches. It must be lived out in all we do — no matter where we are OR who we are.

About The Halcyon Movement

The Halcyon Movement exists to build a culture that promotes faith and the family.

We started The Halcyon Movement because we heard the term “culture change” over and again, but when it came to actually changing the culture there was no proof; no real or practical results. It was just a catchphrase. Halcyon is different. When we say we are changing hearts and minds we do it AND we can prove it. We do this through digital activism: strategic communications and campaigns.

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Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. 1 Cor. 16:13

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