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On May 5th, the Arizona State Legislature passed a state budget bill that effectively defunds Planned Parenthood of 2 million dollars! This is great news, but we need to move now! We have to keep the momentum going. As other states have found out, passing the defund Planned Parenthood bill and keeping it passed are both difficult to do.

It is easy to stop one state, but we need to get some momentum to move more states!

To do this The Halcyon Movement will contact every single state legislator and governor demanding they take action and defund Planned Parenthood!


Without a collective voice there isn't much force behind our actions. You Must Act Now!

The Federal Government Has Made It Easier For States To Defund Planned Parenthood -- Now It Is Up To Us To Make Sure It Happens!

About The Halcyon Movement

The Halcyon Movement exists to build a culture that promotes faith and the family.

We started The Halcyon Movement because we heard the term “culture change” over and again, but when it came to actually changing the culture there was no proof; no real or practical results. It was just a catchphrase. Halcyon is different. When we say we are changing hearts and minds we do it AND we can prove it. We do this through digital activism: strategic communications and campaigns.


"Cultural transformation is coming, and we call it The Halcyon Movement"

- Joshua Tijerina, Founder & CEO, The Halcyon Movement

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We MUST Get ALL 50 States To Defund Planned Parenthood

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